Youth Group

Youth Group

Youth Group

At Bexley United Methodist, we are blessed to have a very active and vibrant youth program. In addition to Christian education opportunities for a wide range of ages, we also offer opportunities for fellowship and service.


7th-12th grades.



Youth are looking for more than just fabulous game nights. They are trying to make sense of life and experience the living God. We try to keep it real and offer Christ through a ministry based not just on programming but on relationships.



• This is a safe place. Life can get crazy outside, at school, at home. We are attempting to create a safe place where youth can be themselves and explore their faith openly.
• Youth in leadership should have a sense of their own spirituality and have an attitude of inclusiveness and service towards others that seeks the kingdom of God.
• Encouraging and equipping adults that have a passion for youth ministry.
• Providing youth with opportunities for: leadership development, service and works of social compassion, and participating in and leading worship.



We have a Youth Task Force that serves as a Youth Council. This is mainly a group of youth who are servant leaders. They meet once a month to discuss dreams, tasks and concerns in the ministry.



We have many volunteers who work with the youth on a regular basis. In the course of a year, we have opportunities for adults to be ministry volunteers that include many things like chaperoning the mission trip to mentoring a youth for confirmation.



Students at both levels (Jr. and Sr. High) have several different ways to be involved on a weekly basis, from "slightly spiritual" to "highly spiritual." These are:

• Wednesday Youth Lunch
• Sunday School
• Sunday Evening Youth Group

• Service activity – free Store, food bank, Crop Walk, etc.
• Fellowship activity – Cedar Point, paint ball, bowling, pool party, etc.

• Confirmation Classes (7th Grade) - January through Pentecost Sunday
• Musical
• Fall Retreat & Spring Retreat
• Lock-ins
• Week-long Summer Mission Trip for both Jr. and Sr. High
• Various fundraising ventures


Youth Minister

Sarah Atkinson has been the Youth Minister at BUMC since 2010. Before coming here, she worked as a part-time youth minister while in College and Seminary. She graduated from the Methodist Theological School of Ohio in 2010 with a Master of Divinity after receiving a Bachelors degree from The Ohio State University in Comparative Studies of Religion in 2005.

Some of her favorite things in life are her husband, Adam, her two dogs, Eyore and Rasta, thrift store shopping, relaxing at her pool, powerlifting, penguins, and pineapple pizza.

For more information about the Youth Group, contact Sarah Atkinson at